Dyslexia Law

HB1644 was signed by Governor Maggie Hassan on 6/20/16 and a ceremonial signing was held on 8/15/16.


A House Study Committee was established in the last session through HB 519. The Committee worked throughout the summer and fall of 2015 listening to experts and impacted families on the subject of dyslexia and its related reading challenges and emotional impact. 

The House Study Committee found that most New Hampshire students with dyslexia are not being identified and educated in a timely and thorough manner. 

These findings prompted the design of HB1644.

HB1644 Timeline:

1/6/2016- HB1644 was introduced and referred to the House Education Committee

1/12/2016- Public hearing, House Education Committee

1/26/2016- Executive session and amendments made and passed the House Education Committee with a vote (11-8)

2/10/2016- Bill passed the full House with a vote (186-172) and referred to the House Finance Committee

3/23/2016- Bill passed the House Finance Committee with amendments with a vote (26-0) with ought to pass and referred to Senate Education Committee.

4/12/2016- Bill passed the Senate Education Committee (5-0) and referred to the Senate floor for a vote.

4/21/16- Bill passed the Full Senate unanimously, but with an amendment requiring it to go back to the House.

5/19/16- Bill passed through the Full House and is on its way to the Governor's Desk for signature.


It was time to celebrate the hard work of many.

It was time to celebrate the hard work of many.

A big thank you to our legeslative sponsors of the bill listed below!


Rep. John Balcom [R]         Rep. David Kidder [R]         Rep. James Grenier [R]             Sen. Lou Dallesandro [D] 

Rep. Thomas Buco [D]              Rep. Mel Myler [D]            Sen. Nancy Stiles [R]                Rep. Susan Ford [D]

Rep. James Verschueren [D]       Sen. David Watters [D]       Rep. Glenn Cordelli [R]            Sen. Dan Feltes [D]

Rep. Deanna Rollo [D]                    Rep. Karen Ebel [D]